Erudite Directory Service Admin

Erudite Directory Services are intended to be the best and fastest way for an administrator to take advantage of the directory services options on Free operating systems.

The EDS Admin tool is part of that goal. It allows admins to quickly and easily connect to and manage their directory servers.

To install it on unixy systems, you will need python 2.3 or higher, pygtk and python-ldap. For the Win32 version, you will need to install the gtk+-win32-runtime package from the gladewin32 project.

For screenshots see this page.

Visit the files section to download.

Debian/Ubuntu users: add "deb ./" to your sources.list to install.

For documentation (in progress) look here

If you find this program useful, I'd love to hear about it. If you don't, I'd love to know why. So email me!